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A new line of blenders with a modern and fresh attitude... Vivid and sparkling hues in several shades, like olive green, warm pink, beige, soft turquoise and many more... This exquisite design has a large-scale floral tonal motif over a solid ground. A very DIFFERENT blender!
A line of blenders with a fresh and modern approach. Even though it was specially designed to coordinate with our collections, the easy flowing design makes it a suitable blender to be used with other fabric collections as well.
Our most modern blender... The geometric tonal you have been looking for, perfect by itself or combined for every project you dream of! 10 tantalizing and refreshing colors!
A modern blender that's elementally rectangular, perfect for any project!
Prisma is here to mix, match and mismatch with every stash there is! With classic geometric form and colors that become one with surrounding prints, these are the new go-to blenders for harmonious and unique creations.
Let your world go ‘round with this new Element! A classic organic shape surrounded by rich colors that will bring unique dimensions to every project. Complement with your favorite prints or use it as the center of attention to make all your creations come to life.