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Fabric Collections
Hello, Bear
Avl Jan , 2015
Named after Bonnie’s son, Bear, this collection inspires all to see the outdoors through a new set of eyes. Illustrated with woodsy tones like pastel moss, conifer and bark, Hello, Bear invites all young at heart explorers to frolic and listen to the playful sounds of the wilderness.
Avl Dec , 2014
A fresh, vintage breeze breathes life into Gossamer. Combining frosted florals with charming gridwork, these prints highlight a quaint approach to color that includes dreamy blush, sheer blues and honeyed bronze.
Petal & Plume
by Bari J.
Avl Dec , 2014
Dedicated to a childhood memory of Bariís grandparents, Petal & Plume centers on a majestic and colorful symbol. Painterly strokes create an otherworldly palette of pale violet, iris blue, and twilight tones. Designs seem to leap out from the darkness to illustrate the loving, and graceful world created around the peacock.
Avl Nov , 2014
An homage to the centuries and evolution of textile craftwork, Recollection hints to artisanal techniques like lacework, embroidery, and tapestry. Embellished with worldly heritage, these designs create variegated textures in sheer charcoal, natural indigo and soft reds with woven highlights of dusty pastels.
Avl Oct , 2014
Journey to an idealistic society, a city of incredible colors captured only in dreams, a place that is filled with vibrancy and ignites our deepest longings and hopes. Your imagination will be inspired as you travel through the enchanting trees and coves. The colors will pop off the fabric as it takes you to this magical land.
Geometric Bliss
A blissful collection of folk inspired florals and edgy geometric prints full of movement. Explore bold color combinations and design that’s a perfect mix of modern and retro.
Vivid blues against a backdrop of gold and cream will transport you to the warm Mediterranean. Named after the mythical goddess of the arts, Athena combines swirls and curves with classic Greek architecture and colors that inspire.
Cleta (Available 8-30-2014)
Either by day or night, riding a bicycle is a delightful experience. Submerge yourself in this pedaling adventure where the views are influenced by rich colors seen through the sunlight and the equally captivating lack of them through the shadows. Hold tight and enjoy the ride.
With an elegant palette of azure, marigold and black, Gramercy eloquently captures the magic of the city. Shimmering lights, aerial views and the beautiful circuitry underneath it all create a metropolitan enchantment that sculpts this collection.
A romantic collection narrating the life of a young and beautiful jet setter. She’s the type that will create a garden in the midst of a city. Cherie is modern, fresh, and airy with a hint of grunge.
Capture the first sightings of a butterfly each spring, and wake up to the birds chirping outside your window. Winged represents a season’s fresh beginnings and the dawn of a new day to spread your wings and let your imagination fly free!
Somewhere between magic and reality is an Indelible world. Find exciting graphic weavings and stylized nature motifs that ripple through colored depths of pewter, turquoise and auburn.
Emmy Grace
by Bari J.
Inspired by Bari J’s daughters, Emmy Grace reminisces on their childhoods, sweet lazy summers, family and the outdoors. Delicate blooms mixed with rippling scallops and houses create a beautiful sanctuary.
AGF Sale
Fabulous fabrics at a fabulous price. Take a look at this assortment of fabrics with a special price!!!
This vintage-inspired collection invites you to connect the past and the future with the “new look” of the 50’s era. A revival of happy days where feminine silhouettes blossomed with small florals and geometrics.
Dreamin’ Vintage
Inspired by bed linens from the 50’s and 60’s, Dreamin’ Vintage invites you to remember the past. Cheerful florals and cool geometrics play together in this fun retro collection.
Pat Bravo’s most versatile prints come together in trendy yet timeless color palettes to offer endless possibilities when combining with other fabric collection
Chic Flora
Delicate, coquette prints evolve into rich, lush florals with this refreshing and rejuvenating palette, where cold mineral blue is warmed by bright corals and bursts of lime.
Drift to a tropical island paradise, where the colors of the ocean intertwine with the textures of the villas, creating a soothing atmosphere that invites you to leave your worries behind.
Come to a place where the air is fresh & meadows with vast hills inspire a color palette of coral, blue, yellow & green, combining to tell the story of summer days past and present.
Come out to play in this lovable collection that inspires children & grown-ups alike. Sweet musings & darling bunnies capture child-like innocence with hues of mint, grey & peach.
Sweet as Honey
Explore nature & gardens of freshly picked flowers. The wonderment sets in as you gaze upon a nestled deer in this lovely place, where the birds fly free & the honey is extra sweet.
A compilation of your favorite Art Gallery all-around prints in an assortment of gorgeous colors to mix and match with other collections.
Safari Moon
Escape to the beautiful plains on an African safari. Hidden animals rest in the woodland areas. The moon glows over the magical sky creating shimmering reflections on everything it lights. This fabric collection will envelope you in its rich colors and whimsical adventure.
She goes by her first initial. She is fearless. She is sophisticated. She loves to sketch with markers and have a glass of wine while reading her latest vintage-find. She dares to wear bold prints with bright-colored hues of lemon, red, and blue. She loves to be raptured by the beauty in everything she sees and wears her heart on her sleeve.
Modern. Simple. Geometric. Four tonal color stories with fresh, bright tones and trendy patterns that range from innovative textures to graphic florals.
Inspired by the legacy bestowed upon her, Angela Walters pays homage to her beloved Grandfather by dedicating this collection to him. Using her craft as inspiration, the designs in this collection range from new quilting designs to those handed down.
Inspired by Nevada’s vast landscape, Tule reflects the stark beauty of the desert with folk florals & bold colors, sharing a glimmer of the joy and peace the endlessly beautiful region consistently provides.
Squared Elements
A modern blender that’s elementally rectangular, perfect for any project!
Fall deep into the Scandinavian countryside with this rich collection, where meadows meet the sea. Sweet florals and bold geometrics collide to tell the story of Nördika.
A collection that will take you back in time, to hazy summer days full of meadow walks and butterfly watching. Inspired by simple moments of picking flowers and enjoying their beauty, it’s sophisticated, vintage and nostalgic.
by Bari J.
A collection from the imagined life of a traveling free spirit and her elegant caravan decorated with gorgeous textiles and the beautiful items she has acquired along the way.
Indian Summer
by Bari J.
A little fox dashes past a mossy hill. Mushrooms grow, and -oh! Was that a little indian I saw? Nature filled wilderness prints for sweet little boys and girls arrive in Indian Summer.
Urban Mod
Explore the streets of the downtown art scene where style and modern crafts inspire. An expressionistic collection where citrus, aqua, and mauve invite you to create your very own quilted gallery.
Carnaby Street
Flower power! Femininity! Fashion! Peace and Love! These were the mottos of the "Swinging London" movement in the 1960’s. Groovy booms, strong geometrics and liberty-esque florals are the signature of this fun and colorful line.
Luxe in Bloom
Organic and natural. Geometric and linear. Luxe in Bloom takes you on a stroll through an exotic floral garden, where the smallest detail is an inspiration. You’ll find geodes, vines, exotic tilework, and brush strokes along the garden walk. Sit down and stay a while!
Rock n Romance
A rockin’ collection that adds a romantic edginess to florals and geometrics with deep and sweet hues of pink and purple.
This collection is a cultural fusion of designs from all over the world, with exotic florals and geometric, global-inspired prints.
by Bari J.
With this line, Bari J. casts the part of LillyBelle in her imaginary estate and gardens. LillyBelle is the heartbreakingly beautiful story of a lady and her centuries old home peppered with incredible architectural elements and carefully loved gardens. This fantastical fabric line features dreamy large and medium scale florals, gorgeous geometrics and intricately drawn antique clocks, whimsical birds and bird cages.
Prints that capture beauty and innocence. A palette that mixes sun-kissed warm tones with a splash of aqua. Get swept away by Summerlove, a collection that evokes the spirit of young and carefree romantic adventures.
Pure Elements
The purest hues meet Art Gallery Fabrics’ soft hand and superior quality. Now all the solids you have been looking for to match your collections.
Lace Elements
A chic tonal with a romantic touch. With its delicate lace texture and deep, rich colors, this blender will finish to all your projects.
Oval Elements
Our most modern blender... The geometric tonal you have been looking for, perfect by itself or combined for every project you dream of! 10 tantalizing and refreshing colors!
Nature Elements
A line of blenders with a fresh and modern approach. Even though it was specially designed to coordinate with our collections, the easy flowing design makes it a suitable blender to be used with other fabric collections as well.
Floral Elements
A new line of blenders with a modern and fresh attitude... Vivid and sparkling hues in several shades, like olive green, warm pink, beige, soft turquoise and many more... This exquisite design has a large-scale floral tonal motif over a solid ground. A very DIFFERENT blender!